iPhone 5 Release Date Globally Set For October Start, US In Late September?

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According to ComputerWorld, Apple looks ready to launch the iPhone 5 on the world on 12th September and the device is expected to be ready for shipping on 21st September in the US and early in October.

CW: iPhone 5 release date set for September in US, Worldwide October?

Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have been speculating on the release of the latest iPhone 5 for many months while there have been predictions from many others. Reports from iMore also say that those wanting the iPhone 5 outside of the US will have to wait for a short while longer than residents of the US to get their hands on the phone. They were citing an accurate source which said that the handset would be ready for pre-order immediately.

All of the above claims would be in line with the release patterns of Apple for their products. There has also been rumours that Apple will make a second product announcement in early October about the iPod Nano. It is also thought that the range of iPods and iTunes will also get upgrades around this time.

BGR meanwhile claims that sources in the UK said that staff had been warned to expect a period of intense business in October following the launch of the new handset during the final weeks in September.

Computerworld meanwhile added their bit when they said that suppliers of components for Apple phones have jumped to 14% during June and July. It is thought that this is due to ramping up of the production of new Apple products.

One has to consider whether the on-going trial between Apple and Samsung will have an effect on sales as people side with either Samsung or Apple. Samsung have said that around 48% of consumers have chosen to purchase Android handsets due to the fact that their carrier did not offer the iPhone. This time however the iPhone 5 is expected to be on the majority of major providers along with smaller ones.

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