iPhone 5 Release Date Confirmed With Official Email Blast By Carrier

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The next generation iPhone from Apple, the iPhone 5, will be available from next month. This is what the wireless carrier Mobilecom Debitel from Germany have said, reports BGR.

Carrier confirms iPhone 5 release date in September

The German mobile carrier started sending out emails to their customers on Tuesday saying that the sixth generation iPhone will be released during September.

Reports earlier had said that Apple would unveil their new iPhone 5 at a conference which was to be held on 12th September, with the handset being in stores around one week later, possibly by the 21st September. So the carrier’s confirmation appears to line up.

There have been many rumors about the new iPhone 5. These include it having a larger display than that of 3.5 inches which is seen on current iPhones. The handset may also be longer to accommodate the larger screen, but it may be the same width. It has also been reported that it may be thinner and have a slightly larger battery.

On the down side there have been rumors of Apple doing away with the old dock connector. This has angered many fans as it would mean that existing accessories would not work with the new handset, without an adapter.

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