Awaiting iPhone 5? Apple Won’t Launch All New iOS Devices In 2012… Here’s Why

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Apple will be changing their dock connector from the old 30 pin to a newer and slimmer connector. There is no confirmation of this at the moment but there have been hardware leaks from many sources, showing what seems to be the metal chassis for the new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 release date may fall in 2012 but don’t expect all new iOS devices to follow

Due to the number of leaks and rumors it therefore seems to be that we will see a new dock connector with the release of the iPhone 5. This will mean that current accessories belonging to the iPhones out there will not work with the new handset.

With talk about the change to the dock connector there have also been rumors that Apple will take their redesigned connector and put it onto all of their devices before the end of the year is out. This would include devices such as the iPod Nano, the iPod Touch, the 9.7 inch iPad and the yet to be released 7 inch iPad. This would make things a great deal easier for Apple, but could they possibly pull it off before the end of the year? ZDNET says it isn’t possible and here’s why.

One of the reasons why they stagger the release of new devices is that its puts a strain on the component supply chain. On top of this there are other considerations that have to be taken into account such as manufacturing.

The launch of the iPhone 5 alone will be huge. When the iPhone 4S was released it sold around 37 million units during the first quarter. The iPad 2 sold around 15 million units, despite it being out for months. Therefore there would be a great deal of pressure on Apple to release a new iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini in the little time that is left of this year as it could lead to supply chain problems during the holiday period. More likely is the fact that Apple will release their new iPhone 5 and then announce the release of new iPods in September or October and then follow on with the announcement of an iPad early next year.

If Apple did revamp their line up before the year was out it would represent one of the biggest restructures that any electronics manufacturer has carried out. Of course this will not change the fact that if the iPhone 5 is released with the new dock connector and Apple do manage to pull off a revamp, there will still be millions of individuals around the world with accessories that fit only the old 30 pin connector.


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