iPhone 5 Won’t Be Dancing At The Fall Ball Alone, More Apple Devices To Accompany?

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October could be a big month for Apple, who are already expected to release the iPhone 5 and in new news from Digitimes, they may also release Retina iMacs then too. This will go alongside their also recently announced iOS 6 and also an updated operating system for desktop Apple Macs.

DigiTimes report: iPhone 5 release date shared with New 2012 Retina iMac

Joan Lee for PopHerald notes that this is a direct contradiction to the NY Times article in June which stated that new iMacs would not be brought out in 2012 by Apple, and neither would the aforementioned updated desktop operating system to Mac OS X. Other reports claim that experts are thinking that iPads will be put on the back-burner this year whilst it is all hands on deck for the Retina Macbook Pro. Other experts feel primary focus will be on the iPhone 5 for the rest of 2012.

iOS 6 is a strong indicator for an October release date of the iPhone 5 as they can go hand in hand, with the iPhone 5 benefiting from the iOS 6 features such as the new version of Siri, the new Apple Maps (now they are no longer in partnership with Google Maps), Facebook integration, PassBook, and possible NFC powered by PassBook.

The previously noted Mac OS X is due for release next month. Lee also mentions that if all these rumours are correct, we will see the new desktop iMac 2012 Retina later this year, with Mountain Lion as its operating system.


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