Apple To Jack Up iPhone 5 Price Following Recent Victory?

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The rumoured release date for the iPhone 5 is fast approaching and Apple has just won in their legal battle over patents in court with Samsung. TheExaminer now predicts that the recent win in courts could mean that the price of the new iPhone 5 will rise? Why do they think so? Read on.

Could Apple raise iPhone 5 price after courtroom verdict?

Apple managed to get $1 billion from Samsung and the win in the court case saw the shares in Apple rise drastically. However this may be bad news for consumers as the win could also mean that some Samsung products will be banned from sale in the US. As a result of this it would mean that Apple have even less competition than they did before and they could raise the price of their upcoming iPhone 5 and get away with it thanks to lack of competition in the smartphone market i.e. supply & demand 101.

So if Apple wanted to, how much might the cost of the iPhone 5 be raised? TheExaminer predicts that Apple could add on as much as $50 per unit. Currently retailers are dropping the price of the current iPhones in stock to make way for the latest handset. However if Apple were to get the 8 Samsung models banned from sale in the US as well as go after the Galaxy Nexus again, how long do you think the prices would remain low?

The date for the court hearing is for 20th September, which is interesting as there are rumors going around that release date for the iPhone 5 will be 21st September. The iPhone is already a very popular handset, but if Apple manages to get some of the top handsets of Samsung banned there could be no stopping the next generation iPhone 5.

Do you think TheExaminer is on to something here or will Apple have no reason to increase the price of the iPhone 5 given that they are already going to sell more units than expected?

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