iPhone 5 Being Sold Like It’s The Wrong Kind Of ‘Hot’

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If you are looking around for a last minute Christmas gift then you might want to head to Walmart and check out their Apple products. You could be in for a surprise at what you may find. Walmart is selling the Apple iPhone 5 in-store for $127 and it comes with a two year agreement with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

iPhone 5 price drops to only $127

The Apple iPhone 5 is typically $187 at the store and it is $200 via Apple. Therefore Walmart are offering a great deal on what happens to be a superb smartphone. However could the price drop mean that Android have Apple right where they want them?

Apple doesn’t usually offer deep discounts on their devices, unless there is a new model coming out. However the Apple iPhone 5 happens to be their latest handset. Another interesting thing about the sale price and its timing is that it comes following an analyst lowering their sales estimate for the Apple iPhone 5 for 2013. He dropped his forecast by around 5 million handsets, according to the LA Times.

The Apple iPhone 5 did have some hiccups when it was released, as does every iPhone. This included issues with the camera and a purple haze when taking photos in areas that were brightly lit. There were also reports of scuffing and scratching on the devices, out of the box. Foxconn claimed that the Apple iPhone 5 suffers from a flaw in the design, which suggested that some of the issues were impossible to avoid.

Despite this the Apple iPhone 5 has been popular and it is the best device launched from Apple. However this may not be enough. There are some people who believe that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a better device, despite the fact that it was released before the Apple iPhone 5. Other Android devices have also come to the market, including the LG Optimus G, which comes with superb specs.

Market share reports have been conflicting too and this doesn’t help. By the end of November it was said that Android dominated the market in the US, with shares of 53.6% in the past 3 months. This was in comparison to the 34.3% share of Apple. Days later figures conflicted this when it was said that it was Apple and iOS in front with 53.3% shares to Androids 41.9% shares.

So who is in front, Apple or Samsung? Anyways, whoever it is, Walmart is still selling the iPhone 5 like its ‘hot,’ the other kind.

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