iPhone 5: Will It Drop Below $150 This Xmas?

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Something could happen for the first time ever this year. Just months after releasing the iPhone 5 retailers are dropping the price of it.

iPhone 5 price tag drops earlier than expected, no further discounts anticipated this year

To get discounts on the iPhone, it generally has to have been on shelves for at least 6 months.

Stores have been dropping the price of the older iPad 2, but not on the newer iPads, including the iPad Mini. The iPhone 4 and 4S have also been reduced.

However it seems that Best Buy is offering a reduction of $50 off the cost of the iPhone 5, through to January 5th, despite the fact that the device is not even yet four months old. It has been said that other retailers will follow Best Buy and offer it for reduced price.

Analysts have put this down to different things. Firstly that the device may not be selling as well as Apple had expected it to, following the rush of the first two weeks after launch. However Apple has not released figures. The second reason could be the fact that an upgrade to the iPhone 5 may be in the works and we could see the release of the iPhone 6 around the corner. It could bring with it better battery life and NFC.

NFC is said to be the future of smartphones as it allows people to pay using their phone by swiping it in stores.

Jeffries and Company have said that the new iPhone 5S could be launched by June of next year, well before September, which is the typical time for upgrades.

This could be due to competition being fierce from Samsung and Google which means that Apple cannot wait for a year.

As for whether the iPhone 5 is expected to drop below the new $150 mark before Christmas, the answer is likely no. If anything, the next big price drop may only come about as we near the launch of its successor.

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