Pre-Ordering An iPhone 5? You’re Gonna Have A “Good Time” (Germany)

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Germans who tried to pre-order a new iPhone 5 found themselves faced with talking dirty instead when Deutsche Telekom gave out the wrong telephone number and had users directed to an adult chat line.

iPhone 5 pre-orders for Deutsche Telekom redirected to wrong number

What was even more embarrassing for them is the fact that they are partners of Apple for Germany. Following the “boob,” customers were offered a voucher which would ensure that they could get the iPhone 5. Apparently the number they had handed out to customers via text contained one digit too many and this was the number that took people to a calling “hot dating fun” instead of the iPhone 5 pre-order line. The company apologized and sent another message with the lesser digits.

Anyone who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 should be able to get their hands on it on the 21st September. However this date may change as it is said that Apple is facing problems with the demand. Reports say that in the US the device sold out within the first hours or pre-orders being taken.

On our last checks, the shipping time for pre-orders have now moved out to 2 weeks. So if you’re planning on getting the iPhone 5, prepare to wait a little longer than expected.

Source: NextWeb

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