Apple Lets iPhone 5 Loose On Millions Of Guinea Pigs

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With the release of the iPhone 5 Apple seem to be onto a winner. However the device did fall short of the estimated 5 million sales over the weekend of its launch.

iPhone 5 quality questioned

While the device has gained a lot of praise, there have also been a lot of problems, but then there always is with the launch of a new handset. Bear in mind yellow tints on displays and problems with antennas in the past. iPhones in the past have only had one problem at a time to deal with, however the iPhone 5 seems to be having a lot of issues that somehow managed to pass through quality control.

Apple maps is one of the most criticised things about the iPhone 5. It has plenty of bugs and is a very poor replacement for Google Maps. Town and cities have not been named correctly, places are missing, local businesses are incorrect and a whole host of other problems surround it.

Even the founder of Apple thinks that the app is disappointing; however he did say that the problems were not as bad as some people were making out. Apple has hired engineers to fix the problems, some of who have worked on Google maps; however Apple should never have replaced Google maps with software that is so inadequate.

Then there is the problem with scuffing on the back of the iPhone 5 thanks to it being designed in aluminum with a double layer of coating. People have received phones damaged and scuffed. Before the launch of the handset, someone at Foxconn had mentioned that the batches of the first devices to go out were of poor build quality. However Phil Schiller has said that scratching and scuffing of devices made of aluminum is “normal”.

People have been having problems with the iPhone 5 screen. Some have seen bubbles on the surface of it and others have reported screen flickering. There have also been reports of light leaking around the power button of the handset.

Wi-Fi has been an issue, with some handsets failing to connect and other not holding onto the Wi-Fi connection after connecting.

We have numerous complaints about the iPhone 5 camera because of its sapphire crystal lens cover. It apparently leaves a purple flare in shots taken after the iPhone 5 has been out in bright light.

A device of quality such as what we expect from Apple with the iPhone should not have as many problems as what have been reported. One or two things would be fine, but for Apple to say that “it just works” is taking the mickey when they release such a buggy iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Sure we can leave some of the blame to scattered defects but things like Apple Maps, the purple flare because of Apple’s chosen lens cover and also the easy scuffing of the black iPhone 5 given that it is just two layers of matter black paint on a silver aluminum body is unacceptable.

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