iPhone 5: Can It Really Be That Ugly?

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Recently, Forbes asked its readers to share their thoughts on the leaked images of the iPhone 5 that have been seen posted online. They were shown photos of the iPhone 4 against the leaked photos of the new iPhone 5 and asked if they thought the device was ugly.

Forbes: Readers find leaked pictures of iPhone 5 ugly

Over 60% of those 2,400 people asked said yes it was. So could this mean that if the new iPhone 5 looks anything like the rumors, it will be a flop?

Not exactly. Forbes points out that people don’t buy a new handset just on looks, so this may be good news for Apple. They also take into account the reliability of the handset, its functions, specs and usability. So maybe Apple should be more worried about the features of the new handset not just the looks. Some of those asked said that Siri was one of the main things that drew them to the device for instance.

With multiple glimpses of iOS 6 already given, we can certainly say that Apple is on the right track when it comes to function and usability. Furthermore, if the leaked specs of a quad-core processor, bigger screen, better battery life and 4G LTE prove true, then they’ll get plus points for specs too.

Do you think the iPhone 5 is ugly?

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