iPhone 5 May Be Ugly Enough To Warrant A Paper Bag (Survey)

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It is now just a couple of days until Apple lift the veil off the iPhone 5. However some people may prefer Apple to leave the veil in place so they cannot see the handset, as they say that it will be ugly.

Survey finds 63% of BI readers think iPhone 5 looks ugly

At the moment all we really know about the device is what has been leaked and rumored. There have been renders and images posted and now PhoneReviews UK reports that lot of people voted online and said that if the device looked like this then it was ugly. The poll was held on the BusinessInsider website.

It is thought that the next generation iPhone 5 will have a screen of 4 inches and to achieve this Apple have made the device longer but it has remained the same width. This however is still behind displays such as those on the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 at 5.5 inches and the Samsung Galaxy S3 at 4.8 inches.

Around 60% said that the iPhone 5 would look ugly. The results came after there was a render of the iPhone 5 next to the iPhone 4S.

So if the new iPhone 5 looks like the leaked photos and rumors would you class it as ugly, or would you go out and buy it? Do keep in mind that when the iPhone 4 first leaked, it didn’t look very “Apple” and many folks were quick to say that it might be a prototype. However when it launched with the same looks, the reaction was surprisingly different.

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