Is This The iPhone 5? If So, Apple Outdoes Itself Again [Update]

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Pictures on a Chinese tech blog are believed to be showing the leaked photos of the unreleased, unannounced and currently very unavailable Apple iPhone 5, the very much anticipated latest version of the gadget that broke the mold for smartphone makers. These photos give us a sleek two-tone design that the Gizmodo blog hails as a surprising change. The blog’s editors got over their shock to describe the “first appearance of the stylised, 16/9 design with its unibody…..kinda beautiful.”

‘Leaked’ iPhone 5 pictures proven false (update)

These photos were pulled down, however, after it turned out the pics were fakes made by industrial designer Martin Hajek. “It’s been amazing and a lot of fun to see how many ‘knowledgeable’ people fell for them,” the Dutch designer told FoxNews. Gizmodo wasn’t alone in falling for the pics, as around a dozen popular blogs were also duped, including BGR, Apple Insider and Ubergizmo.

The pics are a series of renderings Hajek made and posted onto his Flickr site. The images are based on leaked images from other tech websites, and he describes his love of smartphones and tech design as his hobby.

iPhone 5 render

iPhone 5 render

“One of my previous employers at GRO design attended the same college in the UK at the same time as Jonathan Ive did,” he said. Ive, the senior vice president of industrial design at Apple caused a stir in the weeks just before Apple launched the new MacBook Pro at its Worldwide Developer conference. He told the UK’s Telegraph newspaper that he thinks neither the iPad nor the iPhone is the most important Apple product ever.

Personally, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the iPhone 5 ended up looking just like this. However I wonder what Jonathan Ive would think of this color-coded iPhone?

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