iPhone 5: Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together

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Rumors of a new dock pin for the upcoming iPhone 5 began several months ago. It is thought that this was changed so that the new iPhone 5 could be thinner and weigh less, but fans were not happy as it meant that their accessories would be useless.

Latest iPhone 5 leak shows 9-pin dock connector

Those making accessories have begun producing for the iPhone 5 and information has recently come out, including photos that come from an accessory maker who say they have a cable and dual charger for the new iPhone 5. And as you would have guessed, it has a 9 pin dock connector.

iLounge have proven to be very reliable in the past when it comes to Apple rumors and so the leaked photos are thought to be the real deal. The supplier of the accessories however was not at all happy to see that their products had been leaked online and demanded that they be taken down. They are still on other websites though and it seems they are legitimate and may be ready to go on the market.

New iPhone 5 dock connector

New iPhone 5 dock connector

Two accessories have been leaked. The first being a cable with two outputs, one for a mini USB port and the other the dock connector, some are calling it the Mini Thunderbolt but as yet this has not been confirmed. The double output has caused some wonder as it is unusual. It could be that it will charge the iPhone and the iPad Mini, which Apple are also expected to announce.

If these leaked photos turn out to be legitimate, it will confirm the new iPhone 5 dock connector.


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