[PICS] iPhone 5 Sitting Next To 4S, See The Difference?

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An online repair firm have attached all the leaked parts we’ve seen so far purportedly for the iPhone 5 to the also leaked frame. And unsurprisingly, the fit is said to be perfect.

iPhone 5 frame fits leaked components perfectly

Photos have been posted online by iResQ which show the jack and docking port in a frame which is said to belong to that of the iPhone 5. They fit together like a glove with the technician having no problem with the assembly and the screw holes inside the frame. All of these lined up to be a perfect fit.

iResQ have said from the look of the frame that the latest iPhone 5 will come with a single speaker that fits in the device just like the current iPhones. The casing on the back is not complete and they said it needed more parts to fill in missing fittings and gaskets in between the dock connector and the headphone jack. The picture below shows it sitting comfortably next to the iPhone 4S. As for the missing parts, we can only speculate more goodies like LTE antennas and even room for a possible NFC chip.

Rumors are going around that the new iPhone 5 will be launched on 12th September at an Apple event and pre-orders for the handset are expected to be taken on the same day. Shipping will only happen at the end of the month, with October tipped for the international release of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 pictured next to 4S

iPhone 5 pictured next to 4S


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