[PICS] Rumors Were Right, This Is The All-New iPhone 5

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According to the folks over at iMore, we have already seen the iPhone 5 before Apple is to announce it as leaked parts and dummy models have shown what the phone looks like. Apple are going to reveal the iPhone on 12th September and it will be almost the same as the iPhone 4S apart from having a 4 inch display with aspect of 16:9 adds the blog.

iMore: “Leaks accurate, this is what the new iPhone will look like”

The device will also have a plate designed in metal on the back and the dock connector will be smaller, the headset jack will now be on the bottom of the handset.

Apple is known for their prototypes and for 2012 they had a 3.5 inch and 4 inch design. iLounge made this known back in May and we revealed that Apple had chosen the 4 inch prototype as their new device in July. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had already started making the device. Apple have confirmed the event launch for the new iPhone 5 to be the 12th September and it is thought that the US release date of the device will be 21st September with a second wave of launches taking place around 5th October.

Reliable sources have given this information and although Apple have yet to confirm when the device will be available in shops, these dates seem very likely. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories suggest that Apple have been leaking false or discarded parts online so as to hide the real design of the iPhone 5 until they reveal it. However this would be a major plan and time consuming, not to mention costly, so it is unlikely.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

It makes sense for the iPhone 5 to have the same looks as the iPhone 4S as Jonathan Ive has said that the iPhone is all about function and it’s iconic, so why drastically change? After all they are not bothered about keeping up with the latest fashion, Apple simply want to make the best phone, and they already have it in the shape of the iPhone.

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