What Would The Bigger iPhone 5 Look Like In Your Hands? [PICS]

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The iPhone 5 rumors and mock ups just keep coming and one of the latest shows just what the new iPhone 5 could look like in someone’s hand taking into account the speculated larger proportions.

Pictures: What would a larger iPhone 5 look like in your hands?

The pictures come courtesy of Gizmodo, originally from a French site, and show the black iPhone 5 and the white with a human hand holding it. The renders show the scale of the new iPhone 5 when a person is holding it, assuming of course that rumors about a larger device are true on its release.

The mock up renders also include a lot of the features that have been rumoured online about the upcoming iPhone 5. They show the metal back with glass piece above it and the camera for Face Time is clearly shown in the middle of the handset, above the speaker. The renders of the device also show it as being taller than previous versions, which many say was confirmed with iOS 6. The dock connector has also changed, which is a rumor that has been going around for a while and has caused some concern.

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As they are just renders, the iPhone 5, when it is released, may not look anything these pictures. At the moment the rumored launch date for the device according to multiple outlets is 12th September. The release date is rumored to be set a few days later at 21st September.


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