iPhone 5: Can’t Stand Queues? Apple Offers In Store Pickup Starting Tonight (Rumor)

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For those who missed out on iPhone 5 pre-orders there is good news as US Apple retail stores are belived to have started offering personal pickup reports iMore.

Apple tipped to begin reservations for iPhone 5 in-store pickup tonight

Apple are expected to launch their in store reservation system, known as personal pick-up, for the new iPhone 5, starting from tonight at 10pm. Those wanting the new iPhone 5 can use the website or the Apple Store app between 10pm and 4am every night to pre-purchase the handset for the next day.

Since customers are buying the handset they will have two weeks in which to go and get their iPhone 5 personally, when it becomes available. Sounds like a great way to beat the queues to me.

Has anyone given this a shot yet? If yes then do tell us if you came across any available inventory for pickup in the near future, or if you’re still looking at a good weeks of waiting.

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