iPhone 5 Panorama Picture FAIL! (Compilation)

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You can take wacky weird photos many ways and the folks over at Product-Reviews decided to find out what photos they could get with the Apple iPhone 5 and the panoramic feature. So check out the funny pics using panorama, in both landscape and portrait mode at the bottom by PR.

iPhone 5 panorama fail

Of course they are no ordinary panorama photos, as this would be boring, we wanted to get some wacky pics and creating these took trial and error. They found that if you hold the device in portrait mode and you move from left to right, you can get standard photos, however if you change to landscape and take photos top to bottom and take portrait photos.

They tried many different things to get the wackiest photos that you have ever seen. Along with left to right they went bottom to top very slowly, then went faster and this is when they managed to get some very funny photos. They also tried with the Apple iPhone 5 in 360 degrees and managed to get some funny photos this way.

One of the photos was taken after walking around a member of the family and this ended up giving them more than one photo in one shot. However one of the funniest was a team member in a Nike shirt who held the phone in portrait mode and going from the bottom to the top quickly. This gave a result that was like the look you get with funny mirrors in a fairground. Check them out below.

iPhone 5 panorama fail pics

iPhone 5 panorama fail pics

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