iPhone 5 Or Samsung Galaxy S3? Your Pocket Should Go To…

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Samsung is licking its wounds after the legal defeat at the hands of Apple and readying itself for the main event – the street scrap between its Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. Those fine folks at CNET have made this comparison already so that we can really see this heavyweight bout between iOS and Android’s best.

iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3? (CNET comparison)

The iPhone 5 had a few changes, but they were only really playing catch up with Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple really should have launched the iPhone 5 last year to steal a march on the competition in innovation terms.

So, which phone is best? The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be getting Jelly Bean soon, which will make it an even stronger rival to the iPhone 5. If you saw the Geekbench scores last week, you’ll have seen that the iPhone 5 won over the S3 in almost every way. But, a JB-running S3 was a different matter, so operating system really does play a key role in this contest. Especially when you consider both phones will be running at top-notch already.

OK, enough pre-match schmoozing, check out the video and see who takes the title in CNET’s prizefight. These are both amazing phones mind you.

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