iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3: Which Is A Smarter Buy?

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You can get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S3 for less than you can the iPhone 5 at the moment. But is cost the only thing that matters when buying a handset and would the cost alone be enough to make you choose the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the iPhone 5? Let’s take a look at what both devices have to offer and what you will need to pay out to get them.

iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3: dollar for dollar comparison

Retailers will be selling the iPhone 5 unlocked for $750 to $800 for the 16GB handset claims The 32GB handset will come in at around $850 and if you want the 64GB expect to pay around $950. The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand is much cheaper as it took a dip when the Galaxy Note 2 was announced with Jelly Bean preloaded, and then again when the iPhone 5 launched.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will set you back between $600 and $650 for the 16GB unlocked and the 32GB will be around $690 to $720. It is thought that by the end of the month the 16GB could be around $550 to $580, thanks to the Galaxy Note 2. This would probably mean that there would be a gap of around $300 for the 32GB models of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display, LTE, 8 megapixel camera and 1GB of RAM. At the moment it has Android 4.0, with the update to Jelly Bean anticipated to be coming very soon. The device is powered by a quad core processor. In the US we find a dual-core processor and 2GB RAM.

The iPhone 5 on the other hand has an A6 Apple processor and comes with support for LTE. It runs on iOS 6 and it has a Retina 4 inch screen. The 8 megapixel camera has seen improvements over the camera on the iPhone 4S. The device will be available on all the major carriers supporting LTE.

So spec to spec both devices seem almost equally matched. The iPhone 5 has a higher ppi resolution and a more “premium” design, while the Galaxy S3 has the bigger screen, longer battery life, external SD card storage, NFC and a removal battery. So the scale seems to be tipping more on S3’s favor when it comes to the specs sheet.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a very popular handset and it is thought that by the end of 2012 Samsung will have sold over 30 million units. The S3 may also take the title as outselling any other Android phone, which includes its predecessor, the S2.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be the most popular iPhone to date as it took over 2 million pre-orders in 24 hours, double the amount of the 4S. Apple expects to sell up to 10 million handsets by the end of September.

Both of the devices are clearly flagship models but if you want the best value for money then it is has to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it costs less and offers more. If you are looking to take out a contract, again the S3 wins over the iPhone 5. The cheapest iPhone 5 is $189.99 for the 16GB version at Walmart. The Samsung Galaxy S3 can be found on Amazon for $99 on contract and T-Mobile from next week are offering a deal of “no money down”, which means you could get yourself an S3 without paying a penny, with a contract of two years.

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