iPhone 5 Or Galaxy S3: Let Your Moral Compass Decide

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Many comparisons have been made between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, with people debating over which of the devices comes with the best hardware, which gives the best user experience and which has the most tolerance. But today we are looking into something different and this is what handsets have to put up with before they actually get on the shelves.

A lot of products today start their life in China. These include laptops, watches and bags. A lot of these are made in factories where everyone is happy to work. On the downside there are some that are made in conditions that are appalling and in some cases, they cost lives. However you can never know in which condition your product was made.

Apple is well known for their manufacturing, which happens to be meticulous. China tells us about a different story and this is not a nice one as it involves brutal factories. This would have caused outrage some years ago, however today we tend to accept it more, but why is this? So the question has to be, is it worth people being hurt so that we can own the worlds thinnest Apple iPhone 5?

Gizmodo says that some years ago this would have cause boycotts along with outrage. Nike and Gap have had to deal with the effects of making products that are tainted. People in the US do not want to wear clothes that come from factories in which people have been hurt or where they are forced to work in bunkers that are cramped. When people boycott, companies are forced to make changes.

Nike had to change their ways and gave way to pressures changing factories. One of these changes was that no one under the age of 16 could work. For the first time outsiders went into factories and inspected them and filtration had to be improved so that it met the standards in factories in the US.

Apple then invented their iPhone and this went on to be the phone to have. The device also made Apple their name and put plenty of money in their bank account. Now labour conditions have come into force and Apple were put under the microscope. Apple are one of the richest companies in the world, so why are the not able to do something about it? We heard of strikes taking place in factories as it was said that the Apple iPhone 5 is the hardest device to make. An executive at Foxconn has said how complicated the device is to make. Apple likes perfection and customers have come to expect it and when they don’t get it, they complain. What they don’t consider is just how difficult it is to make the device.

So it seems that perfection does come with a very high price and in this case it happens to be workers that are underpaid, and this may even include under age workers. These are workers who have been stretched to the point of breaking.

China Labour Watch has said that there are often fights and some employees have said they are not working on the Apple iPhone. Foxconn of course have tried to keep this quiet. What is interesting is that this is unlike the past when Foxconn were making products for other companies, this time the focus has been on just one single product and how hard it is to make the Apple iPhone 5.

The iPad Mini was released by Apple and of course this too has to be perfect. It has been said that the device has mono-crystalline cut edges and metallic finishes, which as you would expect have been designed to only the very highest standards. This means that this device will be just as hard to make as the Apple iPhone 5.

Apple requires perfection and their customers want it too. Products from Apple are dazzling, but the process of making them is nothing short of dizzy.

One of Apples largest rivals is Samsung, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7. People have complained about the plastic look of them and of course they are not as polished as the products of Apple. However they do the job just as well as the products to come from Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been very successful and was crowned the best-selling device and the device has not been in short supply. Apple have not been able to say this about the Apple iPhone 5 as they have struggle to get enough handsets, with many parts of Asia having to wait a long time for the handset.

The cost of the Apple iPhone 5 is another factor to be considered. It costs a lot more than the Samsung Galaxy S3, and you have to ask yourself which is the most ethical handset.

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