iPhone 5 Or Galaxy S3: Can’t Decide? Read This

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Choosing between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 can be hard work, so let’s have a look at some aspects of each to help you decide which one’s for you.

iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3? Interesting tid-bits

iSuppli has said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen tech is better than the iPhone 5, despite Apple’s promises. At just 1.1mm thick, it’s just over two thirds that of the iPhone 5 but offers the full gamut of NTSC colors compared to the iPhone’s 72% of the gamut. Watching films and playing games on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a real experience thanks to the larger display and comfort in holding it in landscape.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with ICS, and so the usual Android customization options – launchers, ROMs, keyboards, homescreens and so on. It’s slowly getting Jelly Bean now, as well. Of course iOS 6 works as soon as it comes out of the box, you don’t need to customize. So, it’s down to you, if you like customizing your phone to the nth degree, get the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want something that just does its thing and you just need to be picky with ringtones and a wallpaper, get the iPhone 5.

You can use any old microUSB cable to charge the Samsung Galaxy S3, whereas the iPhone 5 has its special and vewwy yooneek proprietary cable that has to be handled with silver tongs in an incense-filled chamber (I exaggerate somewhat). Artistic license aside, you WILL have to spend $30 on an adapter to be able to use your old Apple accessories now. But that thinner cable can be thanked for making the iPhone 5 the thinnest smartphone in the world. It also charges up the iPhone 5 faster than the 4S ever could.

If you keep your music on iTunes, the  iPhone 5 is ideal, as it’s all integrated. The Samsung Galaxy S3, however, gives you the most flexibility, as you don’t have to sync anything – just drag and drop files onto your handset from any computer….that’s right…no silver tongs needed anywhere.

Some apps are still OS-specific, but the popular ones are available from both Android and iOS. Android integrates better with Google features like Gmail, Google Maps and so on. You don’t get Google Maps on iOS 6, or YouTube, which has to come from the App Store now. Also, some apps cost more from Apple than they do from Android and Google’s Play Store. You will see many more ads in the free apps from Android, though. There’s no real reason for this – it seems to be a developer thing; they like revenue from Android app ads but prefer to sell Apple ones up-front and keep them banner-free.

If a lot of your chums have iPhones then you can communicate over iMessage, which is pre-loaded. You can do the same on Android, but you all need to download the same app first. It’s all there though – Whatsapp, Viber, Handcent, PingChat, etc.

If you’re still undecided, you could head over to the store and have an up close and personal meeting with both phones. The iPhone 5 does look more quality than the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the S3 has THAT screen and is also cheaper if you’re looking for an unlocked phone.

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