iPhone 5 Or Samsung Galaxy S3? Best Bang For The Buck

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is cheaper than the iPhone 5 right now off-contract, but is this alone enough to make your mind up? Let’s have a shuftie at what both handsets have to offer to work out who gives you more holler for your dollar.

Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5: best value superphone

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will probably fall even lower in the run-up to the holidays and the iPhone 5 being more readily available (shortages still affect many regions). Its price fell once when the iPhone 5 was announced and again when the Samsung Glaaxy Note 2 was revealed. It also dropped earlier this week when the Motorola DROID RAZR HD brothers went up on sale.

PopHerald says that third party retailers are selling the 16GB iPhone 5 for $750-800 unlocked at the moment, the 32GB version will cost you $850 and the 64GB is at $950. The Samsung Galaxy S3 however now costs just $600-650 for the unlocked 16GB and $690-720 for the unlocked 32GB. The 16GB version will probably drop further as the holidays approach – to around $550-580 speculates the tech blog based on retailer checks in the region. If this does happen then you’ll be paying only a proportion of what you’d pay for the iPhone 5. If you look at the 32GB models for instance, there’s around $300 difference.

So at $300 less, are you skimping out on anything else other than money? Let’s go compare.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8” screen, has (internationally) a quad-core chip and 1GB of RAM. The US version has 2GB of RAM and a dual-core chip. The rear camera is 8MP and the phone runs on ICS, with Jelly Bean pending. The 2GB of RAM in the US Samsung Galaxy S3 makes it perform very well on benchmark tests as well, with Jelly Bean showing even higher scores.

The iPhone 5 has an Apple A6 chip and LTE support worldwide. It has a 4” Retina screen and iOS 6. It also has an 8MP camera.

So the phones are level-pegging in specs, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 low price tag makes it appeal to people who want to pay low dollar for a high-end device. It also has numerous features that the iPhone 5 lacks, like wireless charging, NFC, a removable battery and add-on storage. It also has a much bigger screen which is either a plus or minus depending on what you feel about two-handed operation.

Samsung expects to sell more than 30 million units before the year’s end, which means it’ll remain the top-selling Android phone. The iPhone 5 is already hugely popular, with 2 million pre-orders in its first 24 hours – double the number of 4S pre-orders. It took over 5 million sales in the first weekend and Apple expects to sell 10 million before this month is up.

Anyone in the market for a contract phone will be impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S3, as it beats the iPhone 5 there, too. The cheapest iPhone 5 model, the 16GB, is from Walmart at $189.99 for two years. If you go to Amazon you’ll find the S3 for $99. You can expect more offers to crop up as we get into November.

So it seems, then, that it’s the Samsung Galaxy S3 that gives more bang for the buck at this time.

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