Forget iPhone 5, Apple’s Official Plans For An iCar Made Public Today… Unfortunately Like iPhone 5 Still A No-Show

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An Apple car? It’s true, Apple have testified in court they had plans for it… Plenty of things have come out during the on-going court battle between Apple and Samsung over patents and copyrights, but an Apple car has shocked many.

Forget iPhone 5, Apple had bigger plans once

According to Autoblog, the senior vice president of Apple for worldwide marketing was on the stand yesterday. While most of his testament was focused on smartphones and tablets, along with defining what is intellectual property, he did let something amazing slip out. Apple had apparently, at one point, looked into other projects before phones. These included cameras and a car. Schiller then went on to say that Samsung had copied, stolen and “ripped-off” the designs of Apple when they made their own handsets.

Now Google is one of the technology wizards involved in the car business thanks to their autonomous car, but in what direction Apple would have gone, is anyone’s guess. Knowing Apple they would have designed touch screen gestures to drive the car. However it may have been too early for that at the time. Given the widespread usage of iPhones, iPads and other Apple products today, maybe Apple could give it another shot.

Would you be interested in an Apple car? Or do you think the Cupertino based company should leave that to the big boys in Detroit? Do tell us.

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