iPhone 5 Now 31 Days Away From Stores… Is It Too Late?

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Many reliable sources have indicated that the iPhone 5 will be announced on 12th September and the handset would then be on sale in stores and online around nine days later i.e. September 21.

iPhone 5 release date pegged for September 21

The iPhone 5 may come with a 4-inch screen and it could have 4G LTE connectivity. These are just two of the changes that we may see with the latest phone from Apple and there are more.

Despite the fact that the launch is less than a month away at the moment the tingle of excitement which has come with the launch of past iPhones is not there. When they launched the original iPhone,five years ago, the device was a radical change to anything that was on the market at that time and this brought great excitement. In those days Apple were offering leading edge specs which raised the stakes in the market even higher than ever before. However there are now many Android smartphones on the market that have taken away from the iPhone’s popularity.

Android devices have become more sophisticated in technology and their screens have gotten larger. Whereas the screen on the iPhone has remained at 3.5 inches, we have seen displays of 4.8 inch, such as on the Samsung Galaxy S3 arrive. More and more Android handsets now connect to 4G LTE networks for blazing fast speeds, while the iPhone’s fastest connection happens to be the 4G HSPA network.

Apple therefore has to work wonders with the iPhone 5 if they are to close the gap in technology. Reports have said that the screen will be around 4 inches on the new iPhone 5 with a resolution of 1126 x 640 pixels.  It has also been said that the iPhone 5 will have an aspect ratio change and while it will be the same width as the current iPhone, it will be longer, making it look lanky to give room for an extra set of icons.

There have been rumors of Apple using in cell screen tech which means the touch along with the display are a thinner layer which would make the new device around 18% thinner than the current iPhone 4S. This however has no real advantage apart from it being easier to slip into the pocket.

Apple may be doing away with the old connector and bringing in a new one. This means that all accessories you bought for the current iPhones, won’t work on the new one.

The new iPhone may come up to the standards of Android handsets in relation to NFC support. However even if it does, it is still playing catch up as opposed to leading the way and Android handsets that have been out a year have already offered what we’ve seen the iPhone 5 speculated to bring about.

For now all Apple fans can do is wait for its release and hope that when Apple show it off on 12th September it relights the old spark.

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