iPhone 5: Why You Wouldn’t Want One So Early

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The wait for the iPhone 5 is almost over as it will be revealed in all its glory this week. Apple are saying that it will be the best ever selling device that they have released, however there are some reasons why you may not want to purchase the iPhone 5 upon its release claims the EastValleyTribune.

iPhone 5: Why you may not one to buy one so quick

Of course the new handset will have gone through a major overhaul, it should have a larger screen, it should be faster and the battery life may give you more hours. But you may want to hold off rushing out and buying one.

EVT says that one of the reasons you may wish to reconsider a purchase is the fact that if rumors are true the new handset will have some “adapting” to do with the iOS enviroment. It should be a longer screen of 16:9 ratio and it will be around 4 inches instead of 3.5. While this may prove to be better when watching films it could cause havoc with apps and you may find black bars at the top and bottom of some apps. This would be similar to watching a movie with the bars on top and bottom. However, the image could be stretched and this would make object seem fatter than they are.

Another downside is the connector which will be changed and this means that any existing accessories you have will not work with the new iPhone, unless Apple make an adapter, and how soon.

As the shape of the iPhone 5 has changed and it is longer you will have to go out and buy a new case for your precious device too. There’s no simple swap as was the case between the iPhone 4 and 4S.

There are bound to be bugs on the new iPhone 5 when it is released as well since it is a major redesign (remember antennagate with the iPhone 4?).  These will be fixed of course but it will take time.

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