PR: Nokia Maps App For iPhone 5 Is “Pure Rubbish”

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Fans of Apple and the iPhone 5 are all in agreement over one thing and that is that Apple made a huge mistake when they got rid of Google Maps and put in their own Apple Maps. On the good side though is that there are other map apps available for the iPhone 5.

Recently Nokia announced that their Nokia Here Maps is available for iOS 6. So is it a viable replacement for Apple Maps?

The Nokia Here Map app has been based on the NAVTEQ map data which happens to be the one that is used in 90% of in car sat-navs. One thing the app does is allow users to explore destinations and find out how to get to places on foot, in a car and using public transports.

The app is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and the map shows satellite view, public transport view, live traffic view and it has the option of saving map areas so you can view them when you don’t have a connection.

The app also comes with a search history, suggestions and you can share places through social media apps and SMS. There is also voice guided walking navigation, public transport and driving directions. You can log in to the app using your Facebook account and in some countries there is access to maps that have been created by the community.

PR: Nokia Maps for iPhone 5 not so great after all

The app can be downloaded from iTunes for all iOS6 devices for free. While the apps appears to be what Apple maps wasn’t, just as with Apple maps it seems there is some problems with it. In fact, the folks over at PhonesReview state that the Nokia map app for the iPhone 5 is “pure rubbish”. Complaints have been that the app doesn’t give proper turn by turn navigation, there is no traffic information and there have been missing streets and icons that are too small. PR concludes that Nokia Maps may not be much better than Apple Maps after all.

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