Consequences Of iPhone 5 Skipping Out On NFC

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Before Apple released the iPhone 5 there was plenty of talk about whether or not they would include NFC in their latest handset. When it was released it was evident that they had chosen to leave it out and people would have to make do without being able to make mobile payments.

iPhone 5 hurts NFC uptake (report)

Now TechCrunch reports that due to this Juniper Research has said that the market for NFC has been put back by another two years within the US and Western Europe thanks to Apple skipping out on its adoption.

Of course rivals to Apple have NFC on their phones and this has put them in front of Apple. Samsung, HTC and Nokia have all been on board the NFC train and even RIM have Blackberries that are NFC enabled.

Phil Schiller for Apple said that Passbook was an alternative option to NFC. Thanks to Apple snubbing NFC, its growth estimates within the US have been scaled back. There has been less NFC point of sale rollouts and campaigns have lessened points out the report. We could now be looking at NFC indifference over the short term.

With iPhone 6 rumors already having kicked off, at the moment there is only talks of an upgraded processor and it is too soon to tell if Apple will change their mind and add in NFC a year after snubbing it.

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