Upcoming Phones: iPhone 5, Nexus 5s…

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Among the rumors of the iPhone 5 release date, another rumor about a change to the dock connector seems to be gaining steam as a USB cable recently leaked and was said to belong to the upcoming device.

iPhone 5 rumors

It seems that the new USB connector could be ready for shipping in the US from Asia and it will have fewer pins than the old connector. This would mean that any existing chargers and accessories would not work with the new iPhone 5 and you would have to purchase another one as a backup charger. Some tech sites have said that the leaked cable could be from a 3rd party maker with connections inside of the Apple-appointed plant and workers have leaked details about the cable.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be going on sale on 21st September and Apple may announce it at an event on the 12th. It is also rumored that Apple will also unveil the iPad Mini, iOS 6 and maybe even their new iMacs and MacBook Pro with Retina screen.

Other rumors regarding the iPhone 5 suggest that the handset will come with a larger screen, faster processor and new camera sensors. It has also been suggested that it could have a new design.

During a recent survey in which 2,000 consumers took part, 39% said they were ready for an upgrade either for free or with a minimum fee. While 45% are planning on getting the iPhone 5, 22% said that they were considering moving to Android.

5 Google Nexus devices tipped

During last quarter the Droid Razr Maxx beat the iPhone 4S on Verizon, partly thanks to LTE. The Samsung Galaxy S3 meanwhile is said to be the most popular of Android handsets so far in 2012 and the HTC One X on AT&T has also been very popular. There have been rumors that before the end of the year five new Android Nexus handsets will go on sale will have the latest Jelly Bean update preloaded. We’ve seen the Samsung “Superior” leaked which is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. Furthermore, Sony and LG are expected to provide 2 more Nexus handsets rumored to be called the Optimus Nexus and Xperia Nexus. They are all expected to launch sometime in October-November.

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