Can iPhone 5 Live Up To Its Name? Umm… First Things First

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With now less than a week to go and multiple leaks bombarded the blogosphere with what Apple has purportedly planned for the iPhone 5, you would think that there would begin to be some form of clarity. Well there hasn’t. Not one bit.

There have been a lot of rumors about the name of the next generation iPhone. However if leaked photos of packaging for the new device prove true then the new device will simply be called the new iPhone, not the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 may simply be called ‘New iPhone’

TechCrunch reports that photos of what is said to be the box for the new iPhone 5 have been posted online and it shows that the device will have five rows of icons and the wording on the box is “The New iPhone” instead of iPhone 5.

Whatever Apple decides to call it, it will still be the iPhone, this was seen with the iMac after it went through redesigns, but it was still just the iMac. The same applied to Apple TV when that was revamped.  And the latest generation iPad of course also went by the name New iPad instead of iPad 3.

Should Apple have chosen to simply call it the iPhone, successive phones could get confusing. Would the next be the “new new iPhone” and so on?

New iPhone packaging leaked
New iPhone packaging leaked

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