iPhone 5 Goes From Invincible To Invisible

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The iPhone brand name has built up quite a reputation and fanbase over the past 5 years and as such with every launch, it sends shivers down the spines of its rivals.

So while the iPhone 5 may seem invincible in the eyes of Apple fans, it can now be “invisible” as well. The folks over at iPhone5mod have launched unofficial Lightning accessories for the Apple iPhone, along with other accessories, and today they have announced a Translucent Mod Kit that is for the Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 transparent mod kit details

The kit comes with a set of parts for the Apple iPhone 5 that is translucent on the sides and back. This means that owners, who are willing to take apart their handset, can have a look that is unique. The Mod Kit doesn’t alter the front of the handset, due to complexities and high cost of the LCD.

The set does come with a back body panel that is translucent, which includes micro-SIM card slot, power/mute button and Lightning port. The back panel comes in the colours of white, black, blue, green, yellow, red and pink, all of which are translucent.

The iPhone 5 kit also comes with antenna windows for the top and bottom of the back of the handset. During the first 48 hours of the mod being on sale, those who order will get all seven top and bottom windows, in all colours. This will mean they can mix and match them. After this, if you want one you will have to choose one colour for the top and bottom panels.

The cost of the iPhone 5 kit is $39.90 for all of the kit, if you want all of the colours for the main back panel this will cost you $169.

iPhone 5 transparent mod kit

iPhone 5 transparent mod kit

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