iPhone 5 To Join Android & BlackBerry With Compatible Charger Port (Theory)

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Gizmodo theorizes that the upcoming not-yet-announced Apple iPhone 5 will feature a redesigned dock connector. The blog suggest that the dock connector could be a “19 pin port that would be mechanically and electrically compatible with the micro-USB standard”. The idea is that the connector would be created so that Apple complies with an EU directive which states that chargers on devices should all be micro USB.

Theory: iPhone 5 to feature universal micro USB port

This may be problematic for Apple however and the third party manufacturers involved in Apple products, as a lot of changes would have to be made with regards to items that work with the dock, such as audio, video, hardware controls, etc. However it should only be positive for customers, as not only would it mean that their device is compatible with the Open Mobile Terminal Platform, CEN-CENELEC and ETSI, but they could use any micro USB charger to charge the device rather than just Apple chargers. For Apple peripherals they already own, a simple adapter could be used.

We’ve seen Android and BlackBerry both adopt the micro USB charge port and had the feeling that Apple would follow soon. Additionally, if the iPhone 5 does go with the fewer pin ports, we could see a smaller dock connector that would mean more space at the bottom of the phone for other features as well as possibly a slimmer design.

Do you want Apple to adopt the standard micro-USB or are you ok with buying Apple-only accessories? Do tell us!

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