How Many People Has iPhone 5 Maps Killed? None, Yet

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Apple could find themselves not only being an epic failure thanks to replacing Google Maps with Apple maps, but they could also find themselves in court thanks to criminal negligence.

Apple maps inaccuracy in iOS 6 & iPhone 5 hazardous in many instances

It seems that iOS 6 Apple maps are misdirecting those who use it and who are in urgent need of medical attention. So could it be just a matter of time before Apple maps actually kills someone?

Buzzfeed have reported that one user wanted to go to a clinic but instead his iPhone 5 took him to a mobile home estate which was next to a doctors that had long been closed.

Healthcare IT News said that iPhone users are being given the way to hospitals that have been closed for many years and that the map app from Apple fails to show hospitals that actually exist. It is also misdirecting those seeking emergency rooms.

The Star Tribune said that people have been given directions to a hospital that has been closed since 1985.

Apple has failed miserably and this is not customers just complaining, it may end up being criminal negligence on the part of Apple. There are many people who have no idea that Apple maps is bad, these people will have been using the iPhone and maps for many years and they will trust the iPhone’s reliability despite the switch of maps since iPhone 5 came out. Many have upgraded their older handsets, believing that iOS 6 will bring something better than they already have, however in the case of maps they are mistaken.

Apple did not give a warning that the map application had gone from being something that could be relied upon to something that misleads. There is also no indication that you shouldn’t rely on the map software to find emergency treatment by way of hospitals, Doctors and clinics, and to check with another source before heading there. Apple has indirectly betrayed millions of consumers and they have essentially put lives on the line without so much as a warning. Something as simple as a beta label would even help.

This is not the first time that Apple has pulled a stunt that has been somewhat misguided, however it is the first that could potentially cause grievous harm. We hope Apple does something to rectify this situation before something that they cannot reverse happens.

Update: one of our readers over in the UK has told us that his 32 acre farm has been mislabeled as an airport by Apple maps?!

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