Half Of US Consumers Wouldn’t Care If iPhone 5 Skipped Out On Finally Bringing 4G LTE, Hints Survey

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While 4G LTE is supposed to be the way mobile data is heading into the future, only half of consumers in the US think that it is needed. This comes as quite the revelation as the latest Android phones on the market like Samsung Galaxy S3 boast that feature and rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5 too suggest that Apple is onboard.

iPhone 5 LTE rumors and 4G thinking in the US

The networks of Verizon and AT&T offer the most coverage with T-Mobile and Sprint are working on bringing out their LTE networks. The new smartphones being released onto the market all come with support for LTE, yet half of consumers in the US are not all that interested in it claim analyst Christopher M Larsen.

During a survey of 3,000 consumers in the US, 46.8% said that they don’t need 4G LTE and another 25.7% thought that all 4G tech is the same. The survey also asked people about the iPhone 5 as it is thought to come with 4G LTE, and 55% said that they were thinking about buying it. Of the 55% of individuals who said they may buy it, 44% said that they would take the phone out with Verizon.

This comes as good news for Sprint and T-Mobile who don’t have their 4G LTE networks ready just yet. Both carriers are expected to jump on the iPhone 5 bandwagon and hopefully the lack of decent (or in the case of T-Mobile, any) LTE coverage doesn’t deter iPhone 5 buyers.


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