Samsung To Tear iPhone 5 A New One If It Dares Bring LTE

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While Samsung lost the on-going court battle with Apple they may get the chance to take revenge if Apple launch the iPhone 5 and it has support for LTE.

Samsung to sue Apple if iPhone 5 has 4G LTE

BGR quotes the Korea Times as saying that Samsung have confirmed that they would sue Apple the minute the iPhone 5 was released if it includes LTE technology, otherwise known as long term evolution or 4G.

Apple has released a device with LTE in the shape of the iPad 3. However it is quite likely that Samsung are waiting for Apple to release a phone with LTE before they then seek injunctions and bring out their extensive LTE portfolio of patents (which are more aimed at smartphones anyway).

Analysis that was conducted through the IP research company iRunway, showed that Samsung have 10% of all LTE patents that have so far been handed out. This means that they would have enough bullets in their armory to take on Apple if they chose to include LTE in any phones they released in the future, along with the iPhone 5.

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling well in the market, it is expected to face a slow down in sales when the iPhone 5 is announced.

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