iPhone 5 Maybe Biggest Letdown In History Of LTE Phones Because Of Its Puny Battery?

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With the rumored release date for the iPhone 5 being just around the corner speculation increases as to what the iPhone 5 will look like and what specs it will have. According to the International Business Times (IBT) one of the latest rumours is regarding its battery, with leaked photos being shown online. However could its small size let the latest generation of iPhone buyers down?

IBT: iPhone 5 battery may be too weak for LTE

9to5mac revealed the photos of the iPhone 5 battery which was said to come from a reliable source. The battery has a capacity of 1440mAh, which is larger than in previous models. The iPhone 4S has a battery of 1230mAh and the iPhone 4 has a 1420mAh battery.

It may be an improvement but it’s not much as owners of iPhones may tell you, the battery life is poor on the iPhone claims IBT. When you compare the leaked battery of the iPhone 5 with the likes of the Droid Razr Maxx at 3300mAh, it looks very poor indeed. Today it is not difficult to find smartphones with batteries of this size, even the Samsung Epic 4G has 1800mAh, again larger than that of the iPhone.

So could the battery on the latest generation of the iPhone let the device down? It could cause a lot of problems for Apple and one of the most anticipated handsets of 2012 suggests IBT. The significance of the small battery and why it may be doomed is due to rumors that the iPhone 5 will support LTE networks. Phones supporting this typically have larger batteries as power is needed to cope with the faster network. While Apple may have put a larger battery in the iPhone 5 than on previous models, 1440mAh is not a huge jump up.

Should the rumors of the new battery pan out then the battery on the iPhone 5 could become known for being the shortest lived battery in the smartphone market, bluntly states IBT. The iPhone 5, thanks to its battery may not be strong enough to handle LTE. The iPhones out now usually struggle to keep enough charge for a full day’s use.

A winning solution for Apple would be if they have redesigned the device to ensure that it is a great deal more efficient. On the other hand if the rumors about LTE compatibility are not true there is nothing to worry about.

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