iPhone 5: Can It Cope With The Downsides Of LTE?

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If the iPhone 5 is released with 4G LTE support you have to wonder if Apple managed to deal with the many compromises that worried Tim Cook and led to him saying that LTE was a deal breaker last year.

iPhone 5: LTE may not be as good as it sounds

CNET reports that many analysts are saying that Apple will have been unable to deliver LTE sans compromise. 4G LTE handsets are known to have very poor battery life. Additionally the chip would need to be able to run LTE and 3G along with W-CDMA, CDMA, 1XEVDO and HSPA+. At the moment the only chip able to do this is the Qualcomm. If you want things such as high speed and great video there has to be some compromises.

Apple should have made progress in this department and there should be improvements such as better power management and optimization. This would mean that users would only use power when it was really needed.

Cook had spoken about Verizon and the iPhone in 2011 at the earnings conference call of the company. He said that LTE was seen in products that had already shipped and these were the first generation of LTE chips which called for compromise with the phone. Some of these compromises he said Apple were not willing to make with the iPhone.

Some of the Retina iPads have LTE but they are large enough to deal with a larger battery and this would not be the case for the Apple iPhone 5 which is rumored to be slimmer than the 4S. Qualcomm does provide chips that support LTE along with other standards; these are used in the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US market and have shown the device’s has poor battery life.

So will the iPhone 5 have LTE tonight when it is released or is Apple still not willing to make compromises when it comes to the iPhone? If rumors of a 1,440mAh battery in the iPhone 5 serve true, we doubt the iPhone 5 is ready for LTE just yet.

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