iPhone 5 Will Bring Android Users To Their Knees (Prediction)

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The rumored launch date for the anticipated iPhone 5 draws ever closer and some are saying that US carriers will not be prepared for its arrival and it could end up causing the LTE networks of carrier to crash.

iPhone 5 may bog down blazing LTE networks currently enjoyed by Android devices

ComputerWorld have said that Verizon along with AT&T brought in their data sharing plans which had been designed to limit any surge in heavy data usage. This includes the use of FaceTime over 3G and LTE on the iPhone. FaceTime could be a huge problem for carriers as if it is used constantly to video chat it could cause bandwidth to rise drastically and this would mean a significant decrease for customer experience.

If this rumor is true it could mean that those currently enjoying blazing LTE speeds on Verizon and other US networks will find a sudden slowdown from the influx of iPhone 5 users. And by current users we’re talking about those with Android LTE phones who have been found to use much more data than their BlackBerry and Windows counterparts.

Carriers will have thought about this and they will be doing everything possible to make sure that they are ready for the launch of the iPhone 5. However until the device is launched there is no way of knowing if they did enough. It has been suggested that FaceTime uses around 3MB per minute of chatting so you can imagine the load this would have on LTE networks if millions of individuals were using it at the same time.

For now all we can do is wait until the launch, hopefully on the 12th September, with the device being in stores around the 21st. As for those with Android LTE phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, enjoy the blazing speeds while you can as there’s no telling what the iPhone 5 may do to US networks when they arrive in buyer’s hands.

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