This Guy Must REALLY Want An iPhone 5

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The lines have already started outside the flagship store of Apple in Regent Street London for the iPhone 5. People began to get in line at 6pm on the 13th September, which is 8 days from the release of the iPhone reports PocketLint.

iPhone 5 line begins at Apple Store in London

Typically this is nothing new as fanboys always do this. However the first person in that queue is not the usual fanboy as he has never owned a product of Apples in his life. PL reports that Richard Wheatcroft was an Android fan and uses a PC, but he said that he wanted a change. Alongside him is his friend George Horne who is documenting their experience and will post it online in a video.

Third in the line for the new iPhone 5 is Vik Rathor who along with Zohaib Ali, are serial queue attendants. They said that they had missed being first narrowly when they also arrived at 6pm.

Will you be queuing up for the iPhone 5 anytime soon or do you plan on pre-ordering on online like we suggested on Friday? Do tell us your game plan.

First in line for iPhone 5 at London Apple Store

First in line for iPhone 5 at London Apple Store

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