iPhone 5 Dock Connector Hacked! Cheap Adapters Coming Soon

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There is good news for owners of the new iPhone 5 who want to who don’t want to pay Apple prices for a lightning cable and adapter. MicGadget have posted photos of a working 3rd party Lightning cable made by a company in China who have manage to break the authorization code set by Apple.

iPhone 5 lightning cable hacked, adapters coming soon

The 3rd party cable will provide all the same functions as the cable that you can get from Apple, and it glows. The cable will charge your iPhone 5 along with syncing it, and the iPod Touch 5th generation, when you connect it to your computer. The cable even comes with a dock and is called “The Flash Lightning Dock”

With the cable you can drag and drop content from the iTunes library and it will sync to the iPhone 5 and your iPhone will rest comfortably at an 8 degree angle on the dock. One of the coolest features of the adapter is the fact that it glows.

The cable may be used independently of the dock. The lights change speed dependent on how much battery the iPhone 5 has. The lower the battery level, the faster the lights move. When the iPhone 5 is fully charged, the lights stop flashing.

iPhoneMod said that cable supports iTunes, Data sync and charging batteries for the new iPhone and future iOS updates.

If the reports are true then this could be the end for the authentication chips of Apple. It leads the way for more Lightning accessories to come. The downside of course is that Apple will no doubt do everything in their power to stop them. The Lightning Dock can be purchased for $39.90 or you can get the dock alone for $19.90 or the cable for $19.90.

This is the same company who were selling kits, before the launch of the iPhone, to make your current iPhone 4 and 4S look just like the new iPhone 5.

With the authorization code hacked, it won’t be long before we see 3rd party companies release adapters, something that Apple want you to pay $29 for in order to connect the iPhone 5 to older Apple accessories. The price should also be lower in time.

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