iPhone 5 Officially Takes Off, Blows Debris Over Rivals

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12th September is a big day for Apple as people all over the world are expecting a great deal when they release their latest generation iPhone 5 at their event. But will the next generation iPhone 5 have what it takes to blow the competition out of the water?

iPhone 5 September 12th invite sends shockwaves through internet

The device is said to have a larger screen and it will have a longer lasting battery, support for LTE and changes to the dock connector. Will these changes be enough as after all we have seen these things on smartphones released already, so will it be simply a case of Apple catching up with the rest of the manufacturers?

Analysts are saying that sales of the next generation iPhone 5 will be historic and Apple may well sell around 10 million units before September is over. This will be something as the device is expected to be in stores around the 21st September.

A survey from TechBargains has told us that around 70% of those who own the iPhone 4 and 3G plan on upgrading, along with 64% of iPhone 4S owners. 22% of Android fans are likely to change to iPhone 5 and around 38% of users on Blackberry will be making the change to the latest iPhone.

The iPhone managed to pick up some of the market shares in July but then so did handsets with the Android platform, while others fell back. It is thought that the new iPhone 5 will help to keep this trend going thanks to the frenzy that a new iPhone always brings. Apple have plenty of room for growth as only half of subscribers in the US own a smartphone and around 40% of devices sold around the world in 2012 will be smartphones.

The official invite to the iPhone 5 event next week has already stirred up unprecedented hype. We can expect the next 7 days to continue building on this and likely overshadow all other smartphone news.

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