iPhone 5 Launches Next Week, A Little Too Late Already

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When the iPhone was launched by the late Steve Jobs with its Retina display it set standards that other devices had to catch up with and the display has been something that other handsets have struggled to match. However while the screen of the iPhone is as sharp as ever, there are other areas where the handset falls behind and the iPhone 5 could be arriving too late.

iPhone 5 arriving a little too late, Samsung Galaxy S3 now bestselling phone in US

There is no other device that has a screen that matches the clarity of the iPhone display. The Super AMOLED displays of Samsung’s happen to be the closest. When you compare the iPhone display with the vibrancy offered by the AMOLED and ColorBoost LCD screens, you can see that the screen of the iPhone does actually start to dull in comparison reports BGR. When it comes to producing colors no one does it quite like Samsung. This is seen with their flat screen TVs. To cut a long story short, the screens of Samsung take the breath away.

HTC happen to be closing in on Samsung thanks to the display of the One X and the displays of the One S device. Apple on the other hand hasn’t really done much with their Retina display; it remains the same in 2012 as it did when it was first launched. This could change with the launch of the latest generation iPhone 5 as rumor has it that the device will come with a brighter and thinner display with in-cell technology and it will have a high quality display of 4 inches. If Apple doesn’t want to get lost and fall behind then let’s hope the rumours are true.

As for its rumored late September release date, it may have come in a little too late. According to the latest reports, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now outselling the iPhone 4S in the US. Apple has of course held this title for years and never had to worry about it since Samsung was stuck playing catch up. The tables have however turned, and unfortunately it had to happen just 1 week before Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5.

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