iPhone 5 Jailbreak Not Coming Anytime Soon

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Those who have bought the new iPhone 5 and who are fans of jailbreaking their handsets could have some time on their hands.

iPhone 5 not going to be simple to jailbreak

For those who don’t know, jailbreaking an iPhone means that you have more control over customisation along with functionality when it comes to the operating system. The hack means that users can get root access to their device and download extensions, along with themes through the App store.

However BizJournal reports that @pod2g, who is well known for jailbreaking devices, says it could take a while. The developer has in the past played a large role in jailbreaks for iOS and he was at the Jailbreakcon, a conference for jailbreakers, in San Francisco. He said that the main problem was the software of the iPhone 5, not the hardware. In iOS 6 Apple has managed to fix a lot of the vulnerability issues, these are what hackers use to put in code which jailbreaks the handset. Apple has reduced attacks to the bare minimum and so hackers now have to find new ways in.

He said that there are some hackers that have found some exploits already and these would help in jailbreaking iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. However there are still pieces of the puzzle missing. Recent jailbreaks have used the bootrom exploit, however this is unlikely to happen with iOS 6 as it is very short.

So it seems for the moment that the hackers and Apple are playing cat and mouse and for now the cat has come out on top.

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