6 Must-Have iPhone 5 Jailbreak Apps

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Now that the Apple iPhone 5 has finally been jailbroken now is the time when owners of the device can start to install apps courtesy of Cydia. So if you are wondering what to install on your handset, here are 5 of the best.

Springtomize 2 – this app should be on all handsets that have been jailbroken as it is considered to be a Swiss Army Knife of apps as it has dozens of tweaks in one package. With this you can do just about anything you want with iOS including, hiding labels of apps, shrink app icons and hide the carrier name in your status bar

Stride Better Passcode – users of Android are able to unlock their devices with gestures, while iPhone owners can only use the slide. This app allows you to unlock your device by drawing on the screen of the handset

Folder Enhancer – this app allow you to put as many apps as you want in a folder ad also you can put folder inside other folders. The background of the folder can also be customised with colours and designs.

Display Recorder – if you have seen a video showing screen activity then you will k know what Display Recorder is all about. The app captures video of whatever you happen to be doing on your display and you can then send the video to a computer or put it on YouTube.

Swipe Selection – if you have ever tried to select a large amount of text then you know how hard it is. This app makes it easier as you can slide a finger on the keyboard to make the cursor move. Just hold down the shift key and you can slide to select a large amount of text.

Browser Chooser – if you have ever wanted Google Chrome to be your default web browser instead of Safari you can have it easily with this app.

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