iPhone 5: Biggest Flaw Gets Fixed By A Jailbreak App!

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FullForce will stretch your apps from the iPhone 4S to fit your Apple iPhone 5 display

According to the Apple iPhone 5 has been on sale for a while now and there are numerous apps that have not been updated and so they don’t take advantage of the larger display of 4 inches. They do not get blown up so they sit in the centre of the device and look very silly.

Of course it wasn’t going to be long before a tweak would surface once the Apple iPhone 5 had been jailbroken. An app has come by the way of Ryan Petrich, who has given fans of the handset numerous tweaks has come up with FullForce, which takes the apps of the iPhone 4S and makes them longer so they fit on the display of the new iPhone.

Once installed the app asks you if you want to apply “tall mode” and when an app is opened that hasn’t been designed to take advantage of the larger display it will open up to fill the screen.

This tweak works with a lot of apps, however there are some that don’t play nice with it. Should you not like the app when it has been stretched you can go into the settings of the app and toggle which apps you want to stretch and which you do not.

You can get the FullForce app for $0.99 and it could put an end to the black bars top and bottom seen when apps haven’t been made for the Apple iPhone 5 display.

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