iPhone 5: Once The Novelty Effect Wears Off

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The newness may have worn off the iPhone 5 and it has only been available for just over a week. Complaints have started coming in about the iPhone 5 and the new iOS 6 quicker and harsher than with previous models. Some iPhone 5 complaints have been minor and others on the level of the problem with the antenna on the iPhone from years ago which can’t be as easily solved. Here are the most commons issues reported.

iPhone 5 complaints coming in as ‘new phone smell’ wears off

Many people have said that their iPhone 5 is prone to scuffs and scratches on the aluminum back. Phil Schiller said that some scratching or chipping is “normal” and exposes the natural silver colour.

People have been complaining about the purple haze seen on photos which have been taken too close to a light source. Others have been having problems with Wi-Fi connection and some have thought they were using Wi-Fi, when it fact they were connected to a cellular connection (Verizon iPhone 5).

However one of the biggest problems with iOS 6 is the fact that Apple ditched Google maps in favour of their own map app and this is terrible. There have been problems reported such as missing places and cities and even a farm being identified as an airport; while the airport in Japan is labelled as being a paper factory.

At first glance, when you add up the problems the iPhone 5 would sound like it was poorly constructed. However it is important to keep in mind that the adoption rate of the device is higher than other smartphones out there so issues are bound to appear more amplified than competing devices. Nevertheless, it is clear that the iPhone 5 isn’t without its fair share of issues.

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