Apple Tries To Fix iPhone 5 Issues, Makes Things Worse

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Around 3,000 workers at the Foxconn factory will lay down their tools and strike today following strict demands of Apple to ensure that high quality standards of the iPhone 5 are met. This came about after there was multiple conflicts between the workers and inspectors, so pressure has been put on and the workers have chosen to make a stand.

Apple tries to fix iPhone 5 issues, leads to strike from workforce

In the middle of all the controversy is the iPhone 5. While Apple have always been associated with high standards, it seems in the case of the iPhone 5, they have demanded too much from workers when it comes to quality.

Jony Ive said that they have built a product that has extraordinary finish and the process of manufacturing is one of the most ambitious, not to mention complex. The variances are now measured in microns and this is the only way that Apple is able to maintain and deliver an excellent level of quality.

Executive director of China Labor Watch said that the strike has resulted from the fact that workers feel they are under too much pressure.

The iPhone 5 of course isn’t without its problems. There are complaints about the black model coming scuffed right out of the box, light leakage in the white model around the seams, and other defects which albeit reported in smaller numbers are still surprising given Apple’s usual high standards when it comes to quality control.

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