iPhone 5: Apps Like Angry Birds May Look Shitty On It

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9to5Mac reported back in May that the iPhone 5 would be a taller device with the same width screen as the iPhone 4S. Apple is set to reveal if this is true on 12th Sept and recent videos which were leaked tend to confirm these dimensions. So what will this mean for the user experience on the new iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 may see dead space due to app restrictions

All iPhones in the past have had a 3:2 aspect ratio with pixel resolution of 640 x 960 but if things work out as the rumors say then the new iPhone 5 would have an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a screen resolution of 640 x 1136. Apple is thought to be using the space to add on another row of icons to their home screen.

Of course any apps that have standard controls will be able to deal with this accordingly and controls would remain the same size. However apps such as the popular Angry Birds cannot do this. Apps such as this which were written with the iPhone 4S in mind will see dead space if they are run on the new iPhone 5 with a different aspect ratio and screen size. This means that developers would essentially have to have two different apps for the iPhones.

This is not totally new to the iPhone of course, it has happened in the past with other devices (iPhone apps only occupy the center of the screen on the iPad).

There has been more than one resolution on Android handsets for many years but Apple has not had to face this problem before. InformationWeek suggests that remedies could include delivering two different apps or they could be given as fat binaries which would install based on the type of iPhone or the app could be scaled or cropped.

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