iPhone 5 Screen Bigger Than Even Galaxy Note… & It Will Be Called The iPad mini??

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With the iPhone 5 now expected to launch as early as next month, with the official unveiling speculated for September 12, rumors are continuing to fly out at an alarming rate. The last of course was that the iPad mini, the rumored 7-inch Apple tablet, would debut alongside the iPhone 5.

MSNBC: iPad mini looks like iPhone 5

Now there are a couple of issues with such a rumor. For one, Apple has never launched to popular iOS devices together after past experience with trouble keeping up with demand. If Apple truly were to launch the iPad mini and iPhone 5 together, they would not only need to beef up their logistics but also Apple Store employee count and even production rates. Unless of course, both these rumored devices are one.

This question has been brought up several times before. The iPhone and iPad have always been criticized as being very alike. In fact, the original iPad was once called a giant iPhone sans the calling capabilities. Now with rumors suggesting that Apple are producing a bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad, suggests that it could be an even more identical product than the current iPhone and iPad are.

To add to this, MSNBC reported today that the “iPad mini will look more like iPhone than iPad.” While we would love a bigger screen on the iPhone, and could see the iPad mini catching on given the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, we doubt Apple plan on releasing both products simultaneously, unless of course it is the same thing.

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