Apple Supplier Tips Off iPhone 5 & iPad Mini Release Based On Production Cues

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A supplier of Apple had a banner in July suggesting that production had been geared up for the release of the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini in four weeks, reports ComputerWorld.

iPhone 5 already in production?

Topeka Capita Markets’ Brian White said his Apple Monitor, which indexes Taiwanese component makers who get half of their income from sales to Apple, have jumped up by 14% in the month June to July. This is the biggest ever increase on a month over month basis for any July period. It shows that the sales gains were very much higher than what you might expect of the June to July period or 8.5% over the past seven years.

The analyst believes that this could be due to the fact that supply chains of Apple are gearing up for production of Apple’s new products which are rumored for launch around September i.e. iPhone 5 & iPad mini.

There have been numerous rumors about the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. One of these rumors is that the design will have changed slightly with the iPhone 5 being longer than previous models. This change will reflect a larger screen than seen on any other iPhone. There is also a rumour that the dock connector will be changed from the old style to a much smaller one and the battery may be larger than what we have seen in any other iPhone currently on the market.


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